The genetically modified Radish is used to produce vaccine for acne.



Pimples are one of the most common disturbances among young people. Pimples occur when pores in our skin get closed. This causes the oxygen level to drop and making the bacteria present there to eat our skin. Using antibacterial creams, we can destroy these bacteria but the other good bacteria will also get destroy. Instead these pimples can be treated by using genetically modified radishes.


The genetically modified radish will have scax gene which make the crop to produce some specific proteins. After this the plant is grinded and a nasal spray is produced from it. Using this spray in humans, the antibodies needed destroy the proteins that affects skin wall is produced which will more safe compared to other creams.


The Australian government has denied permission to grow genetically modified radish because it can combine along with genetically modified turnip so that they exchange pollen and start producing hybrid products. The output of these genetically modified crops have many hazardous impacts on the human health. So they trying to maintain the status of  GM free state.


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