Animal testing means using animals in experiments for testing drugs that can be used to human treatment. It is an issue which is widely debatable among the people whether it is morally correct to kill animals for human needs.



          In my view, animal testing can be classified into two types. Firstly, testing the drugs on animals which are manufactured to cure some dangerous and incurable diseases. This one had proved to be a great use to humans like the invention of polio vaccine which stopped the loss of millions of life. On the other hand, testing the drugs that are used for cosmetics manufacture and other luxuries is an unnecessary one. This one can be stopped by incorporating laws and government can stop funding such projects.

          Most people talk about the alternatives instead of animal testing like human testing but like animals humans cannot be confined to a particular environment if they got affected. Animal testing can even save their own kind if a drug is invented to cure other animal diseases using animal testing. Though there are many moral issues, animal testing is an essential one unless any other alternative is invented.


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