I along with my classmates have visited Pallikaranai marsh lands as an activity for our environmental studies course. Though it is referred as marsh land, in reality there is only a small lake remains. It had been said that this land is used to be shelter for many species of birds before a decade but now this wet land have been occupied on one side by local government to dump daily city wastes and on the other side, majority of the land were converted into construction plots and IT companies. I always wondered about the fact that during the monsoon season, majority of the south Chennai will be surrounded by rain water and it takes weeks to drain this water but now after visiting this marsh land I understood that it is because major  regions of south Chennai was formed by destroying these marsh lands.


Finishing our visit to Pallikaranai wetlands, we travelled to the famous Vandalur zoo. On my way, I had the chance to see remains of those wetlands here and there like small ponds with contaminated water and some birds flying around.

          Entering the zoo, my initial instinct reminded me the zoo as a denser Anna University with lot of trees around. We have started our trip into the zoo by seeing our own species of monkeys. Then we came across different species of birds and then the highlight of our visit, the white tiger and not to forget we have taken numerous photos of both the residents of the zoo and us. Overall it was a very entertaining and useful day for all of our classmates.


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